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About Us

Loop Mid America is a subsidiary of Mid America Hearing Center that has been serving the hearing impaired for over 30 years.   Mid America Hearing Center has a reputation for providing quality hearing aids at a reasonable price.  With the availability of new technology to the area we have expanded our company to include Induction Loops.  We can install these loop systems in churches, synagogues, temples, theaters, town halls, senior centers, schools and many other venues. 

These new Induction Loops will enhance your hearing aids for optimal performance in any assistive listening application. This standard is being adopted across the world as the reference for loop system performance. Loop Mid America strongly believes that all installations should meet the requirements of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 60118-4.  For this to be possible the standard must be considered during specification, design, and installation of the system. Additionally, all of our installations are coordinated with local hearing professionals. This assures that the users have the maximum benefit from the system. We provide service from the initial design to checking the hearing aid and training the staff and users.

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Loop Mid America
1050 W. Hayward Dr.
Mount Vernon, MO 65712
Phone: (855) 233-7196